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Industrial Partners

7D Surgical Inc.

7D Surgical Inc. is a spin-off company founded by former members of the BBL. The company is working to bring the OTI technologies pioneered by the BBL research group into commercial realization, and are presently in the final stages of completing the first clinical system for use in the operating room. The BBL continues to work with them to advance new navigation technologies to improve accuracy in spinal and cranial surgeries and beyond.

For more about 7D Surgical, see their website here.


FUJIFILM VisualSonics Inc.

VisualSonics Inc. is a pioneer in high-frequency ultrasound technology, and is working to bring their clinical approved system into the hospital and operating room. The BBL is working with VisualSonics to adapt the technology for use in neurosurgical applications.

For more about FUJIFILM VisualSonics Inc., see their website here.


Michelson Diagnostics Ltd.

Michelson Diagnostics Ltd. (MDL) is a UK based company which has leveraged patents created by the BBL in order to pioneer the some of the world’s most advanced clinical SV-OCT systems for use in dermatological applications. The BBL works closely with MDL and their systems in order to further improve their technology for use in studying non-melanoma skin cancers, wound healing, vessel delineation, and numerous other applications.

For more about MDL, see their website here.