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Congratulations to Deep for his award at AANS!

Congratulations to Deep for receiving the Sanford J. Larson, MD, PhD, Award at the 2017 American Association of Neurological Surgeons Annual Scientific Meeting! Read the press release here! See the associated publication here (coming soon)!

Check out our latest publication!

Check out our latest publication from Dr. Chaoliang Chen: High speed, wide velocity dynamic range Doppler optical coherence tomography (Part V): Optimal utilization of multi-beam scanning for Doppler and speckle variance microvascular imaging. Link to OSA website here! Link to OSA PDF Read More about Check out our latest publication!

To Our Newest PhD Graduates!

Kyle and Kenneth of our research have both successfully completed their external defence. They are now Dr. Cheng and Dr. Lee, respectively.   Congratulations on your achievement! We are all proud of you!